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The Legend of the Tower Archer

Stenota comes from the name of the city where this story was written.

It was once a tower in the hills, in the midst of wilderness . The tower was, before that time, the heart of a fallen citadel, until its citizens abandoned it; it remained a ruin and the only man who lived there was a soldier.

He was the city archer, a man of about 70 years in the name of Steuriu who, both as he lived, defended the citadel and its people, scrutinizing the valley and surroundings from the tower. When the last people left, he stayed there, guarding the tower and hoping that they will return and will revive the place.

It's been years ever since, and people did not come, perhaps kept away from the emptiness of the place.

And then, Steuriu began to look through the city recesses, where still could find to eat; finally he saw some feeble vine ropes, strained through the ruins, protected from wind and sun-drenched in the afternoon .

He carefully took them, grew them year by year, as his children, and as if he would be brought them to the world, he planted vines around the ruins, at first closely, below his eyes, then in valleys around.

Slowly, the vine grew, became stronger and spread; it drove away the desert and Stenota citadel realm covered in vines, became full of life.

And at a time when Steuriu, being much older and weak, he resigned himself to loneliness and near death, but still enjoying with the last powers, the grape living nearby, the citadel people and their descendants have returned, attracted by the beauty of the place.

They remembered their city Stenota and Steuriu, the tower archer.

In his honor they began making the wine.





  • French variety, adopted in Romania for more than a hundred years, it is praised for its quality and fruitful production. Fermented in controlled temperature, the wine displays a ruby red color and develops complex aromas of raspberry, cherry, currant, with secondary notes of chocolate. An honest wine of remarkable flavor, with mild tannins, which matches perfectly with beef, pork, pheasant. Serve at 15-16 * C.
  • [Feteasca neagra] Native variety, ancient, praised for the quality and naturalness of its production. Fermented in controlled temperature, the wine displays purplish red color and develops complex flavors of cherry and plum with secondary notes of pepper. An honest wine filled with remarkable flavor, round, complex, with well-integrated alcohol, which matches perfectly with lamb meat grilled, and pork. Serve at 15-16 * C.
  • [Feteasca alba] A local widespread variety, whose roots come from ancient history. Fermented in controlled temperature, the wine is of great finesse, soft, rich, modern, displaying grassy aroma with light floral and citrus shades. An honest wine filled with remarkable flavor that matches perfectly with white meat. Serve chilled at 8 to 10 * C.

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You can buy wine at the:

1. Shops Carrefour crf2


3. http://www.marvin-wineshop.ro/vinuri-linistite/917-stenota-feteasca-alba.html

4. SHOP Infinity Drinks, Calea Floreasca, nr.214, Sector 1, Bucuresti; dl. Cezar Filip: 0752167450

5. SHOP Pravalia Vinul Meu, Pta 1Mai, str.Alexandru Campanu, nr.46; dl.Dragos Rotaru:0726463571

6. Casa Grande Lazarini Ploiesti, Cartier Albert, KM6, Ploiesti; Telefon fix: 0244 532 054; Telefon: 0723 70 70 30

       7. ONLINE   WWW.lovewine.ro



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